Thursday, 11 October 2012

Documentary Follows Native Students Learning and Preserving Tewa Language

Documentary Follows Native Students Learning and Preserving Tewa Language

Do you know that every 14 days an indigenous language is lost somewhere in the world?

Click on the title link above and follow a documentary by Aimee Broustra following a group of teenagers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The teenagers are involved in learning Tewa, a pueblo language to help in creating a film due to be showcased in Albuquerque, New Mexico tomorrow (Friday 12th October, 2012).

The title documentary link describes the work of the 'Young Ancestors' and Laura Kay Eagles (a 7th grade literature teacher) at Santa Fe Preparatory School in New Mexico. 


  • Read the documentary link above about the learning and preservation of the Tewa language and culture.
  • Watch the video of the trailer of the film on the same page.
  • Visit and follow the news tab to receive updates on how the film is received. 
  • Read this quote taken directly from the Young Ancestors website.

    "This is a story that needs to be shared and supported to ensure that the era of globalisation does not become synonymous with the tyranny of English language and American culture, of endless strip malls and BP spills.

    Without a multiplicity of languages and cultures, we risk living in a country and in a world in which everything has become homogenised, and white washed, a place in which uniqueness and diversity have ceased to exist"

    Discuss and debate the case for speaking globalised languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin and the case for preserving local indigenous languages and cultures.

    Activities suitable for Upper Intermediate Learners.