Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Daughter, The Fox

My Daughter, The Fox

Submitted to Learn English, British Council by RachelRo
Suitable for Upper Intermediate/Advanced Students

How Does Your Culture Present Foxes in Stories?

A resource is based on a short story by Jackie Kay about a woman who gives birth to a baby that is a fox.  A beautiful little story with many wonderful activities to do with it. A great literary resource!

  • Listen to an audio file and read the story from a PDF file simultaneously.
  • Pre-reading activities include identifying who the pronouns (personal and possessive) in a piece of text are referring to and differentiating expressions that apply to young animals and babies.
  • Whilst reading there are question prompts to help you predict and anticipate the next part of the text.
  • After reading there are opportunities to:
    • summarise the story by reordering sentences, 
    • find evidence to support inferences from the text, 
    • compose your own sentences using designated vocabulary , 
    • match nouns and adjectives to form noun phrases, 
    • insert prepositions into a gap fill text, 
    • develop verbs and prepositions into phrasal verbs, 
  • Opportunities for creative writing and project work including reflecting on 'special children'. 
  • Further language work on animal metaphors, animal sounds and using idioms and idiomatic phrases. 
  • Finally, dictionary work explores the names for male and female animals and their connotations in terms of human behaviour (personification).